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Benefiting from Good Fat

An effective way in making sure we consume only alkaline forming fats that are not radiated and packed with preservatives is through extracting your own oils at home. There are lots of small but potent seeds that can be extracted for oils like: white and black sesame sunflower seeds, chia, flax, malunggay, evening primrose, [...]

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Eat Your Heart Out: Diet and Hear Disease

  Heart disease remains to be the world’s number one killer. It is also considered as a disease of affluence. Mainly because cardiovascular disease is directly attributed to a diet full of rich food like meat, processed grains, dairy made worse by an inactive lifestyle. About a decade ago, people who suffered heart attacks [...]

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Healthy Smiles para kay Lolo at Lola

Eating well passed the Golden hour   • Enjoy!  Seniors have the luxury to take their time during meals. At this age, one can really savour every bite by chewing well. Chewing spoonfuls 30 to 50 times is the most optimal way to coat food with digestive enzymes for easier absorption and integration.  • Blend, [...]

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Discover the WONDERS of Flax & Chia Oil

FLAXSEEDS, Why it's the original superfood Flaxseeds is the longest cultivated seeds around the world. With over 6000 years of history, Flax seeds is one of the original superfoods. Here is how Flax seeds can help you burn more fat: Flax seeds is famous for its anti-inflammatory Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids which [...]

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Benefits of the Lenten Fast

Back in the days of our grannies, meat was exclusive for the weekend and special occasions. Filipinos being island dwellers, thrived mainly on vegetables, fruits and fish. Those were the good ol’ days when diabetes, heart disease and cancer happened in whispers compared to the norm it has become today. Next week as we [...]

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Unlock your natural beauty the MISSO® way

To feel and look beautiful, more and more Filipinos are becoming conscious about what they put on their skin. It used to be as simple as using some astringent to clean up and face powder to keep the oiliness out. But as beauty products become sophisticated, so as the people’s drive to catch up [...]

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