3 Ways to Gift Gratitude this Christmas

  1. Give for the family not individuals:

Instead of getting your cousins and aunt separate presents, why not choose something their entire family can benefit from? One well thought-out gift is better than multiple treats that will just end up as clutter.

A family can always benefit from a better blender or a juicer like the Misso Multi Versatile Wonder Machine.

2. Thoughtful not expensive

The best presents are the ones that are well thought-out. Getting someone an add-on to something they’ve already invested on will be better appreciated than splurging on an unnecessary item that would probably just end up never being used.

You don’t have to buy someone a new phone, knowing the kind of phone case to get will do. A bag-hag will appreciate a nice scarf to accentuate their collection. A health-nut will love hand picked spices and herbs in a mason jar. Someone who has everything will just appreciate being treated to a cup of coffee and a pair of listening ears. Handmade stuffs are even more special like DIY natural skin care products made from Misso s2o Seed-To-Oil Wonder Extractor.

3. Seal with hand written notes

Always attach hand written notes to your gift with a sincere and well thought-out message. Tell the person what made you decide to get that present and how thankful you are to have them in your life. Words of appreciation are always welcome during the holidays, and everyone needs affirmation here and there as yes action speaks louder than words but we all need to be reminded every so often to feel encouraged and valued.

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