Healthy Smiles para kay Lolo at Lola

Eating well passed the Golden hour


• Enjoy! 

Seniors have the luxury to take their time during meals. At this age, one can really savour every bite by chewing well. Chewing spoonfuls 30 to 50 times is the most optimal way to coat food with digestive enzymes for easier absorption and integration. 

• Blend, juice, masticate:

Juices, soups and purees are all easy on the digestions. It is so easy to make delicious warm or cooling healthy recipes as well using the said methods. From breakfast papaya based purees, turmeric and malunggay rich juices, sweet potato soups to pestos — the options are infinite. 

• Choose Whole

A lot of our grand parents are sadly over-medicated. Dependence of medicines can impair digestions, liver functions and can cause depression. Be extra mindful,employ functional medicine and more alternative and holistic approaches.

• Graceful movements

Everyone needs to stay active despite of age. The most senior amongst us will benefit greatly from light strolls on nature parks, Yin or Restorative Yoga, Specialized Pilates and even Swimming. Exercise will not only keep the heart strong by stabilizing blood pressure and oxygenizing the blood, it will also give a sense of fulfillment for being able to still win at physical activities regardless of age.

• Sexy at any age

Feeling desirable as we get older is one of the best motivation to stay fit. Mindful vanity is healthy. Engage in social gatherings looking your best and continue to flirt with Life. Seniors are blessed with special considerations from everyone so they can get away with a lot of fun that younger folks would be frowned upon for!

• Mentor the young

The age of wisdom is a blessing a lot will miss out on. Pass on important life skills and advise to the younger generation by exploring consultancy positions, leading a charitable organization, heading a church group or simply nurturing grand children. 

Elders are masters of Life and Love and nothing is more fulfilling than sharing this gift to lift and guide others. 

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