Rainy Season Immune Booster

Skip the Flu on Typhoon Season

Drought days are officially over with the first downpour, which PAGASA officially calls, the beginning of the rainy season.

Welcome news as Angat dam is desperate for a refill as it reaches critical level thus threatening the water source of the entire Metro Manila.

But before we all perform our own rain dance, its important to remember that storm clouds don’t only carry water for a city, but acid, virus and bacteria along with it.

Because we live in an increasingly toxic environment, we have also created poison pre-cipitation, a reality we must all suffer until society is able to bring better balance be-tween urbanization and nature.

To arm yourself with natural vaccines against inevitable super-flus that’s viral, we suggest you:

Drink warming juice

Room temperature juices freshly masticated from superfoods like turmeric, ginger, ma-lunggay, bell pepper and oregano has anti viral properties and are warming to the body which naturally immunes us to any cold virus going around.

Simply masticate anti-viral spices with your MISSO Multi Versatile Wonder Machine and add Vitamin C rich fruit like pineapple or calamansi.

See complete recipe at https://misso.com.ph/super-immuno-c/

Soup weather

Its finally soup season after half a year of sorbet weather and were grateful to be able to puree celery, tomatoes, spinach, beets and carrots and load them with anti-viral spices like onion, garlic, ginger and even anti inflammatory herbs like tarragon and basil finish-ing up with anti inflammatory calamansi and warming child and pepper and you have food as medicine that doesn’t just do the body good but is also soothing for the soul.

You can also make a soup recipe out of your MISSO Multi Versatile Wonder Machine by simmering it in low hear after mastication like this purple yam recipe. Be sure to add a lot of garlic, ginger and a dash of caimans to make it more potent in combating the cold.

Juice Shots

In an effort to encourage the only real whole food supplementation, naturopaths are recommending juice shots — malunggay, turmeric, ampalaya, ginger, garlic, bell pepper and drinking it straight in 3 tbsp. pure unadulterated concentrates to coat the body with better immunity. Its instant, and cures most flu symptoms from runny nose, fatigue and joint ache so if you don’t mind the taste, its definitely worth doing every morning.

Masticating juicers are best for Juice shots as it extracts the most juices from dark leafy greens and anti inflammatory roots and spices and herbs.

Warm salads

In Japan, even raw salad starters are slightly warmed to make it even easier for diges-tion. This also reduces the chances of bacteria that may not have been washed off. Its especially helpful when eating out and you have doubts on the sanitation of the kitchen. Simply warm your said very quickly on mild heat in the oven for a minute at 60 degrees , quick blanch it for 15 seconds on simmering water or pan roast for 30 seconds on low heat. Your vegetables should get more vibrant in color without browning. Warm salads are the best way to still eat your daily servings of greens without making the body too cold on a rainy day.

Make salad preps fast, simple and easy by using a health mate that has a vegetable slicer like the MISSO Multi Wonder Machine

Drink warming juice

See complete recipe at https://misso.com.ph/rainbow-slaw-with-virgin-roasted-sesame-soy-dressing/

Cut sugar out

Processed sugar, yes even that Hot cocoa or cookie that uses white cane sugar or any none organic sweetener can shoot our immunity down to 50%. Its especially important to avoid junk sweets especially if it has dairy when people around you are sneezing and coughing so as not to weaken your immune system.

Instead get the sweetness from natural fruits by Juicing them with a slow juicer like MISSO Multi Versatile Wonder Machine

Get 8 hours of sleep

Even just 30 minutes of deprived sleep makes us vulnerable to infection. Make sure that you get enough rest during flu season because no amount of good diet, supplements, or vaccine will ever work on a body that is sleep deprived. To ensure quality sleep, moder-ate digital use which over stimulates the senses causing insomnia. Make sure to be away from blue light of phones, TV and computers two hours before bed time. Avoid eating a lot in the evening, as this will also cause restlessness as the body struggles to burn off the food energy consumed. Opt to have slow walks around nature to create a sense of calm, which is important as the brain shuts down for the day.


Very little is said about the healing powers of prayers and blessing. Science has already proven us as energy hosts, which means that we can redirect light in our body to be therapeutic. Take time to bless your food, feel grateful for being able to eat and be aware of the nourishing benefits that transmutes into your body as you treat it to a good meal. Like wise, avoid negative thinking while eating, this actually prevents your body from digesting and absorbing nutrients as it acidifies because it clamps us with the dis-tress signal making come into a fight or flight position.

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