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Ancient beauties like Cleopatra and Nefertiti have long discovered the use of 100% Natural Seed Oil to maintain their allure and youthful glow, and now it’s your turn to Unlock their secrets for Beauty, Wellness, and Flavor with MISSO s2o Seed-To-Oil Wonder Extractor!


Seed Oil Benefits

Natural oils
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Seed oil contains large amounts of linoleic acid which lowers cholesterol. Our bodies cannot produce linoleic acid. Therefore, we must ingest it. Continuous consumption of these oils can prevent lifestyle diseases and can also be effective in headaches and stomachaches. Oils from Sesame seed, Flaxseeds, Chia, Red Pepper, Cabbage seeds etc. contains fatty acids that are good for treating constipation and increasing energy. When mixed with other herbal medicines, it is effective for those with poor health and those who are recovering from an illness.

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