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Your All-In-On Healthmate!

Create more delicious and flavorful everyday regular recipes like freshly squeezed green juice, 100% natural seed oils, homemade meals and healthier snacks with the MISSO s2o Oil Extractor and FREE Multi Limited Edition Attachment.

Healthier family, happy home with MISSO!

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Prepare fresh juices, 100% natural seed oils,homemade meals & healthy snacks

Extracts leafy green juice & virgin seed oil effectively


Easy to clean & use kitchen space-saver.

Made in Korea

          ✓ Powerful 40-torque motor
          ✓ Revolutions/Minute: 80RPM (Juicing)
          ✓ Pre-heating time: 5 minutes (Oil Extraction)
          ✓ Wattage: 630 watts (max when Oil Extractor function is used)
          ✓ Recommended Continuous Operation: 25 minutes
          ✓ 220-240 volts / 50-60 hertz
          ✓ Weight: 8.5kg
          ✓ Product Dimension: 15x7x12 (in)
          ✓ 5 years Motor Warranty

          ✓ Spanner
          ✓ Cleaning Brush
          ✓ Cleaning Knife
          ✓ User Manual
          ✓ FREE Multi Limited Edition Attachment
              1 Juicing Screen & 1 Mincing cone
              4 Nozzles for slow juicing, non-dairy milk extraction, noodle making, meat grinding, coffee, nut & spice grinding, sorbet making,
ice crushing, mincing


As an advocate of natural skin care, I love how I am in full control of what I put on my skin especially at my age. With MISSO s2o, I extract my own fresh, natural chia, sesame or flaxseed oil for my daily use. Now, I look 10 years younger!”


As part of an NGO, I go for long walks under direct sunlight & harsh environments. My skin became sensitive & it was really hard to find the right skincare products. Guess, I was looking at the wrong places. Now, with MISSO s2o, I extract my own natural moisturizer & sunscreen… sesame oil! My skin has never been this better!”


Last May, I suffered from ‘tinea manuum’, a fungal infection. On the 2nd day after I applied unroasted sesame oil on the affected areas, the redness & itchiness had considerably reduced!

Ms. M

My son had prickly heat rash (bungang araw) during the summer. The medication prescribed did not work. However, after I applied unroasted white sesame oil on his back, I noticed that the rashes had faded and almost gone the next day!

Mommy K

The skin on my hands were chapped and were extremely dry. Moisturizers did not work. But, after a week of using seed oil on my hands, the skin were healed and became smooth. Really worked wonders!

Mr. J

My problem with pimples started when I transferred here in Manila for work. Maybe because of stress and my exposure to pollution during commutes made it worse.

I had been trying many facial scrubs, creams for acne but with no effective results. Then, I tried applying 100% natural chia seed oil on my face and dabbing more on the heavily affected areas. After 3 days of adding chia oil on my night beauty regimens, this was the result!

Ms. D

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