5 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight-Gain


  1. Drink a full glass of water

Often we think were hungry when were actually thirsty. Keeping hydrated at all times will prevent you from food binging. Drink a warm tall glass of lemon or calamansi water or even a green juice before a meal to stop you from eating until you’re too full. Skip sugary drinks as this will dehydrate you further.


  1. Brush your teeth after a meal

Oral cleansing especially tongue scraping will help stop cravings after a hearty meal. A cleared palate is less likely to want for more flavor.


  1. Use a smaller plate

You’re less likely to over indulge if you have a smaller plate and will have to go back to the buffet table for second-serving.


  1. Forgo the spoon

Stick to just using your fork and knife, this not only stops you from “spooning” mouthfulls, it also allows you to chew each bite better. Chewing 15-30 times breaks down food effectively which allows for optimal digestion and better nutrient absorption.


  1. Eat fruits before a meal

Eating fruits before instead of after a meal not just allows us to absorb the vitamins in them better but also is a very healthy whole way to hydrate and fill-up. This doesn’t mean you can finish a cake after a meal, instead, have tea or black coffee after as dessert.



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