Benefits of the Lenten Fast

Back in the days of our grannies, meat was exclusive for the weekend and special occasions. Filipinos being island dwellers, thrived mainly on vegetables, fruits and fish. Those were the good ol’ days when diabetes, heart disease and cancer happened in whispers compared to the norm it has become today.

Next week as we celebrate Lent and partake on the extended long weekend Easter has to offer, it is to our advantage that we also observe the practice of abstaining from meat during this period.

Give your digestions a break: Red meat like beef and pork are very hard fat-protein sources which takes too long to digest. Breaking down the fat and protein from red meat takes as long as 4-6 hours , depending on the cut, the size and how it was cooked. This means that for 6 hours your digestive system is hard at work doing nothing else than breaking down the macros from that Bulalo or Crispy pata when it should be absorbing nutrients from food to regenerate organs and renew cells instead.

When we rest our digestive system by ingesting easily digested foods like alkaline forming meals which are all plant-based, unprocessed and unrefined, we treat our body to a nutrient party. When digestion is eased, micro absorptions which pertains to vitamins and minerals–become a priority.

We eat first for survival and next for pleasure. What’s happening now is that people are eating malnourished flavorful food and this has given rise to an epidemic of chronic and auto-immune diseases.

To make meat-free eating this Lent tasty and easy, Misso the premiere provider of healthy kitchen assistants have launched a series of recipes that are not just good for the body but a treat to the taste buds as well.

Choose from chickpea burgers, mushroom sausages up to alkaline forming juices and sugar-free vitamin rich sorbets and keto-friendly drinks until Easter and you wont miss the meat on your meal.

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by Ms. Weizel Gulfan

Fitness Nutrition & Microbiotics Consultant
2018 Superbod Finalist

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