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Sautéed Black Pepper, Lemon Chicken, Egg Plant Skewers w/ Superseed Oil ( Chili + Roasted Sesame ) & Cheese Fondue

This dish is an interpretation of Chef Philip Golding to chicken brochettes. A brochette is a food cooked on brochettes or skewers. This term generally applies to French cuisine, while other terms like shish kebab, satay, or souvlaki describe the same technique in other cuisines. Food served on brochette is generally grilled. But with this version, Chef Philip [...]

Black Sesame Salad Dressing

Ingredients 2 tbsp Roasted black sesame chaff 3 tbsp Greek yogurt 3 tbsp Apple cidar vinegar 1 tbsp Honey 1/4    tsp Salt 1 large clove Garlic 4 cups Mixed Greens 3 tbsp Black sesame oil Preparations Extract your oil using the Misso s2o. Whisk in greek yogurt, apple cider vinegar, honey salt, minced garlic [...]

Chicken Inasal w/ Chili & Sesame Oil Marinade

Popularly known as one the best and most famous grilled dishes in Bacolod, Chicken Inasal is about to go on a whole new level with a little help from Chef Louise Mabulo. The lush combination of garlic, red onions, patis, calamansi, ginger and lemongrass brings out the unique Filipino flavor of this dish. It’s [...]

Sesame Ice Cream

A sweet and nutty treat doused with rich, deep and roasted type flavor that blends well with its creaminess. This ice cream delight captures the toasty nuttiness of black sesame perfectly. With just the right amount of sweetness, eating several servings won't make you feel like you're on a sugar high. A truly unique [...]

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