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Honey Flax Oil Moisturizer

This DIY Honey Flax Oil Moisturizer is designed to keep the skin moisturized and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

Guilt-free Eggnog

Enjoy a glass of rich and creamy Guilt-free Eggnog recipe this holiday! This is a non-alcoholic eggnog so even kids are able to enjoy it.


Christmas is not complete without Bibingka, enjoy this easy recipe in your own home & share with all of your loved ones.

Wheat Grass Juice

Have you tried a wheatgrass shot? While it does have a naturally grassy taste the wheatgrass juice is filled with essential nutrients & chlorophyl which can help nourish the body.

Almond Oil

One of the most known benefits of almond oil is the ability to nourish the skin and hair as it contains good sources of antioxidants & nutrients. Almond oil is good for those with sensitive skin as it is a mild hypoallergenic oil, it can also be fused with a few drops of essential oils.

Wonder Juice

This delicious Wonder Juice recipe can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It contains locally sourced ingredients such as malunggay, pineapple, cucumber and lemon grass which are nutrient dense and contain essential nutrients that can boost the immune system.

Almond Milk

This almond milk has a nutty flavor and creamy texture that's similar to regular milk, plus it's easy to make & can be customizable!


Popeye Salad

This nutrient loaded Popeye salad is absolutely tasty! Amplaya may cause you to shy away due to its bitterness but the citrus from calamansi & pineapple makes it more appetizing. Give this immune boosting salad a try, you're going to love it.