As an advocate of natural products, I use natural seed oils because of their potent benefits compared to chemically processed ones. Natural oils contain essential vitamins and minerals that help me provide my skin, my brain and my body with the vital nutrients it needs. I also feel safer whenever I use the oils I made. I can even take it in as a supplement. I have never experienced any harmful effect since I started using my freshly extracted oils three months ago.

I use the seed oils for my face, my hair, my skin, my health and even on my food. Even the seed chaffs, I use them for my body scrubs and even on my pastries. My family and friends love my banana bread with flaxseed oil and chaff.

In the morning, I use 10 drops of chia oil and massage it over my face for 3-5 minutes. I also apply 3 drops of flaxseed oil on my hair and scalp and gently massage it. At night, I use sesame oil instead.

My husband and I take 2 teaspoons of flaxseed oil before breakfast and after dinner. This helps him lower his cholesterol level and enhance his memory.

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