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A wonderful day! I’m Juris Fortun-Tiu, a mother and a wife for over 30 years. I am almost 50 and an active advocate of using natural products for my health and beauty regimen.

I try to keep myself healthy and my skin young-looking. I believe that diet, exercise and enough sleep are the keys to maintain a beautiful and healthy body. That’s why I exercise regularly and watch what I eat. I also love to cook and hold a culinary degree. Even before, I use natural oils for my cooking and for my salad dressing – to keep it healthy.

On top of being a chef, I also studied reflexology for a year in Thailand. I really love how you can feel someone and make them healthier with massage. Now, I use 100% natural seed oils in my sessions.

Beauty and skin care are my passion. I trained to be a makeup artist, and used to own a salon. I also ventured into aesthetics and trained to become a facialist. By profession, I am a certified beauty and skin care consultant.

With this booklet, I will share with you some of effective beauty and health secrets using my freshly extracted seed oils based on my actual experience. Happy reading!

“Beautiful skin separates a person from other people around her. It is a reflection of her personality, discipline and character. Elevating the sense of confidence and pride in your person is what MISSO is all about.

MISSO is skin care! It is hard to find a natural product that has a good transdermal effect on the skin. MISSO produces/transforms natural ingredients from Chia, Flaxseed, Sesame seeds and other natural resources for good skin care. “


– Juris

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