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Sautéed Black Pepper, Lemon Chicken, Egg Plant Skewers w/ Superseed Oil ( Chili + Roasted Sesame ) & Cheese Fondue

This dish is an interpretation of Chef Philip Golding to chicken brochettes. A brochette is a food cooked on brochettes or skewers. This term generally applies to French cuisine, while other terms like shish kebab, satay, or souvlaki describe the same technique in other cuisines. Food served on brochette is generally grilled. But with this version, Chef Philip [...]

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This hearty soup with deep layers of flavor has chistorra sausage for that smoky hint, red pimiento paste to add body and a spicy kick, and veggies like celery, carrots, onions to complete the dish with bright aroma. Finally, a touch of basil-sesame oil adds freshness and pungency giving it an over all well-rounded [...]

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