Reimagining MATSTONE

With a vision to promote wellness in every home, Youn Soo Kim (YSK), President of Oscar Electronics Co., LTD., invented the Matstone Multi-purpose juicer in the 1990s. This innovation was a hit in many homes because it not only helped Moms provide freshly squeezed healthy juices; it also helped them prepare healthy & nutritious homemade meals using the other built-in functions of this versatile kitchen appliance.

MISSO, the new and better MATSTONE

In 2017, Matstone was re-branded as MISSO. MISSO means, “smile” in Korean, while “mei” and “shao” means beauty and young in Chinese. Taking off from its name translations, the MISSO brand aims to inspire health, beauty & wellness and relaxation to the entire family, right there on their kitchen counter.

Coinciding with the launch of its new brand name, another product innovation was unveiled… the Misso s2o Seed-To-Oil Wonder Extractor. The s2o (Seed-to-Oil) is guaranteed to extract 100% natural, unadulterated oil from plant-based seeds for wellness, beauty and flavor.

A healthier family is a happy home

MISSO understands that a healthier family is a happy one. When we are not in pain, when we are not crippled by disease, when we are not suffering from fatigue, when we feel vibrant and energized, we are free to live up to our highest potential and are inspired to share and be generous of ourselves with others.

  • With MISSO,¬†you can create more delicious and flavorful everyday regular recipes like homemade sausages, burgers, meatballs, noodles/pastas, salads and desserts such as sorbet & smoothies. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to skip all these delicious food; you just need to balance & create healthier options for you and your family as you go along.

The gift that MISSO puts in the table for every family

  • Healthier kids that eat the right food & drink fresh healthy juices.
  • Happy parents: A glowing, youthful & stress-free Mom and a healthier, more robust Dad to keep the family happy everyday.
  • Stronger & livelier grandparents. Fresh juices & green salads to help them have rejuvenated bodies and stronger joints as they celebrate & enjoy their golden years with the rest of the family.