Reimagining Matstone

Matstone was invented during the 1990s by YSK in Korea with the vision of creating a juicer that also doubles as an all-around kitchen “health-mate.” The innovation was a hit, which prompted YSK to develop an oil-extractor to compliment the versatile features of Mat Stone.

MISSO, the new and better Matstone

2017 paved way to a the second generation, the Misso which means smile in Korean. The launch of Misso was a welcome upgrade from its original predecessor in terms of superior design, performance, range and output.

Healthier is Happier

Misso understands that a healthier family is a happier one. When we are not in pain, when we are not crippled by disease, when we are not suffering from fatigue, when we feel vibrant and energized, we are free to live up to our highest potential and are inspired to share and be generous of ourselves with others.

The gift that Misso puts in the table

  • Healthier children who are enthusiastic in eating and drinking fruits and vegetables through deliciously prepared recipes through juicing, spiralizing noodles, whole sausages and fish cakes and alkaline forming sorbets.
  • Happier stress-free moms with Misso ‘s 10+2 kitchen features which makes meal preps less tedious and time- consuming,
  • Livelier and reinvigorated grand-parents who maintains a sense of wonder and vigor towards life as they continue to partake in the day-to-day activities with grace and joy.