Veggie Noodle Soup infused w/ Virgin Roasted Sesame Oil


January 31, 2018

Everyone will enjoy this heart warming Egg Noodle soup infused with Virgin Roasted Sesame Oil. The mixture of vegetables and spices give you a ramen flavor, but with healthy ingredients. Give this recipe a try!

  • Prep: 25 mins
  • Cook: 30 mins
  • Yields: 15-18 Servings


1Be sure to wash your vegetables thoroughly.

2Using the Misso Multi Mincing cone attachment to mince the garlic, ginger and onions together for sauteing.

3Using the Vegetable slicer attachment slice the carrots & sayote.

4Cut pechay into 1 inch pieces.

5Saute garlic, onion & ginger with the 3 tbsp of Vegetable Oil then add 5 cups of water to create the base of the broth then add in the Stock Sauce.

6When the stock begins to simmer add the egg noodles, carrots & sayote.

7Add in the roasted chili/sesame oil, Virgin roasted sesame oil, toge & onion chive & pechay after 15 minutes of boiling on Medium heat.


Noodle Ingredients

400 g Egg Noodles w/ Pasta attachment

3 tbsp Virgin Roasted Sesame Oil

Stock Ingredients

5 cups Water

4 Garlic, cloves

2 tsp Ginger, minced

1 Onion, Large

2 tbsp Brown sugar

Stock Sauce

4 tbsp Soy sauce

3 tsp Corn starch

1 tbsp White vinegar (calamansi juice, optional)

2 tsp Virgin Roasted Chili Oil

2 tsp Virgin Roasted Sesame Oil

Salt & Pepper, for taste


1 Carrot, Large (sliced)

1 Pechay, bunch (sliced)

1 Sayote (sliced)

1 cup Toge / Beansprouts

3 Onion chives, stalks


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