Pili Nuts Milk

August 10, 2018

Love Nuts? Try our own Pili Nuts Milk!
The amino acid in the Pili nut help with healthy blood sugar levels, muscles- tissue development, production of hormones, regulation of energy, health bone skin, nerve-cell health, detoxification of the liver, and balance in the brain.

  • Prep: 40 mins
  • Yields: 15-18 Servings


1Wash the Pili Nuts and Soak Overnight.

2Peel the Pili Nuts.

3Assemble your Misso Multi for Juicing. Process the Pili nuts.

4Start grinding the Pili nuts and add some amount of water from time to time while grinding the Pili nuts.

5Continue the process until fiished.


Pili Nuts




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