Pili, Brown Rice and Cashew Nut Milk


March 7, 2018

Plant based milks are wonderful for those who are lactose intolerant or prefer non-dairy milks.



1Soak Pili and Cashew nuts in water for 3 mins

2Roast your Brown rice and set aside.

3Assemble your Misso Multi for mincing and Process your roasted brown rice.

4Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.

5Assemble your Misso Multi for Juicing.

6Process your mixed ingredients.

7Continue until all mixed ingredients are juiced.

8Filter the milk with clean cloth and served.

9Enjoy your fresh and delicious cashew milk w/ brown rice milk.


3 tbsp Brown rice

3 cups Water

Honey to taste or Coco Sugar

250 g Cashew Nuts

250 g Pili


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