Coconut Avocado Sorbet

This Coconut Avocado Sorbet is the perfect cool, refreshing treat for this Summer! Try making your Sorbet with your kids this will be the coolest bonding ever!

Misso Halo Halo

The hotness of the summer season perfectly calls for a glass of healthy, delicious, cold and tasty Halo halo. Why do we say healthy? Simply because itsĀ  a combination of healthy ingredients like banana, mango, beans, buko, camote, langka and chia seeds.

Mango- Saba Sorbet

Indulge in a guilt-free sorbet that will make your #summerfeels Wonderful!

Black Sesame Ice Cream

A sweet and nutty treat doused with rich, deep and roasted type flavor that blends well with its creaminess.