Christmas is not complete without Bibingka, enjoy this easy recipe in your own home & share with all of your loved ones.

Coconut Milk Chia Chaff Pudding

Coconut Milk Chia Chaff Pudding

This coconut milk chia chaff pudding uses the chaff after extracting the chia oil instead of the full seed. You can enjoy this as a healthy breakfast or dessert and increase good sources of dietary fiber, healthy fats and protein which will satisfy your hunger for longer.

using breville multi chef

Creamy mushroom and malunggay risotto

This recipe is so much easier than a classic  risotto using rice, you can have it ready less than 10mins. This is truly versatile low carb recipe that can be easily made into a complete one pot meal of course  healthy & creamy with touch of roasted sesame oil that gives umami taste.

Bibimbap with Beef Bulgogi

Bibimbap with Beef Bulgogi

Bibimbap is probably one of the most well-known and beloved Korean dish to many people. Even if people don’t know anything about Korea, it’s not too difficult to find people who had bibimbap sometime in their lives.

Bibimbap in Korean translates to “mixed rice with meat and assorted vegetables”. .

You can make endless variations to this dish depending on your preference and dietary requirements. In just a second you can sliced vegetables in Misso Multi Slicing attachment.


Chicken Inasal w/ Chili & Sesame Oil Marinade

Popularly known as one the best and most famous grilled dishes in Bacolod, Chicken Inasal is about to go on a whole new level with a little help from Chef Louise Mabulo.


Sautéed Black Pepper, Lemon Chicken, Egg Plant Skewers w/ Superseed Oil & Cheese Fondue

This dish is an interpretation of Chef Philip Golding to chicken brochettes. A brochette is a food cooked on brochettes or skewers.