Happy New Year!

Practicing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important coming into the new year. Make this 2021 the year of #HealthyBeginnings, a time you & your family regains health, joy & happiness together through a healthy lifestyle by consuming freshly squeezed juices, virgin seed oils & homemade meals everyday using the MISSO s2o Wonder Machine.

Being the exclusive distributor of MISSO here in the Philippines, we are tirelessly working to bring you value-for-money essential wellness kitchen products to provide the gift of wellness in each and every member of the family.

With this in mind, we are giving out a LIMITED TIME OFFER on the MISSO Wonder Machine. Purchase MISSO s2o and get P4,000 OFF plus FREE Multi Attachment worth P6,000 (SAVE P10,000) until March 31, 2021.

Start your #HealthyBeginnings with MISSO!

MISSO s2o ₱17,999 ₱4,000 ₱13,999


  1. Buy MISSO s2o Seed-To-Oil Wonder Extractor and get P4,000 OFF plus FREE Multi Attachment worth P6,000
    Note: Multi Limited Edition Attachment is used for slow juicing, non-dairy milk extraction, noodle making,
    meat grinding, coffee, nut & spice grinding, sorbet making, ice crushing, mincing.
  2. For cash & straight cards only.
  3. Cannot be combined with other promos.
  4. Promo valid until March 31, 2021 only.


We are opening up a limited window for online sales and contactless handling and delivery of your favorite MISSO Wonder Machines as we continue to follow General Enhanced Community Quarantine protocols. Scroll down below to find out how we can help bring your favorite MISSO Wonder Machines to your doorsteps.



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