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Booster Delight Juice

Booster Delight

Keep your immune system is as important as ever. Enjoy Booster Delight juice to help boost the immune system and provide the body with essential nutrients to help protect against chronic & viral diseases such as the coronavirus.

Apple WS

Apple Of The Eye

Enjoy a freshly squeezed glass of Apple of The Eye juice to help boost your immune system & eye health!

Lemon and Cucumber Juice

Green Detox Juice

The Green Detox Juice, is a combination of toxin-flushing veggies, fruit and herb. The refreshing taste will make you crave for another glass.


Aloebera Juice

Aloe Vera may help boost the immune system and contains antioxidant & antibacterial properties. Aloe juice is sticky, so it is best enjoyed mixing with watery fruits or veggies like cucumber and apples.

Ampalaya Juice

Ampalaya Juice

The WONDER benefits of Ampalaya!

 Helps maintain blood sugar levels
 Helps promote healthy cholesterol levels
 Helps boost the immune system
 Helps protect against cancer
 Helps promote a healthy liver

You can take an ampalaya shot or include it into your favorite juicing recipes.

Saluyot Juice

Saluyot Juice

Enjoy all the WONDER benefits of freshly squeezed saluyot through juicing. Juicing saluyot alone might be too strong, so we recommend that you include as part of your favorite juicing recipes.

Wonder Quencher

Healthy Heart Juice

Enjoy a glass of freshly squeezed Heart Health Juice filled with essential nutrients to help boost heart health.

Wonder Quencher

Wonder Quencher

Having a strong immune system is as important as ever. Try this Wonder Quencher to stay healthy!

Chia Banana Pudding

Banana Chia Chaff Sorbet

Malunggay juice

Malunggay juice

Malunggay is one of the most nutritious vegetables in the world. It is considered a "miracle tree" by being able to relieve malnourishment due to the high nutritional content. Malunggay juice is one best ways you can enhance your immune systems to improve your overall health.

Enjoy a freshly squeezed shot of malunggay juice in the morning. You can add a little bit of pineapples or apples to make it more flavorful.