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Juice Cleanse Pops

Looking for an Healthy Popsicle? Great! this recipe is the best for you, You can make your own healthy Popsicle  for your kids using Misso Multi Wonder Machine.

Purple Yam Soup

Vietnamese inspired soup but with a Filipino twist. This Vegan soup is light and yet satisfying to get your lonely nights covered.

Red Beets Salad

This is a delicious and easy salad which takes little time to prepare simply because we used Misso multi Slicer Attachment as our  kitchen partner.



Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are super easy to prepare,portable,inexpensive and it will also boost your energy level . This Good Breakfast is a much better way to ward off gain and slim down.




Load up with healthy fats with this mexican inspired party snack. Tip: squeeze in a tsp of lime or clamansi juice to keep the color fresh and vibrant.


Green Watermelon

Try Watermelon Juice this Juice is soaked with Nutrients it is also helps to prevent cancer, reduce inflammation and aid weight loss. Try juicing Watermelon using Misso Multi Juicing Attachment.

Veggie Nori Wrap

Nori can be added to dishes like this for a mineral boost, added to misso soups, shushis,salad dressing but in this recipe we will be making chopped salads using  Misso multi slicer attachment.This veggie Norie wrap is a healthy lunch and Dinner for us.

Wonder Quencher

In this world one of  the most happiest achievement is  to have a strong & healthy body. Try this wonder Quencher as your partner plus the one and only Misso multi wonder Machine. Try it now!



Creamy mushroom and malunggay risotto

This recipe is so much easier than a classic  risotto using rice, you can have it ready less than 10mins. This is truly versatile low carb recipe that can be easily made into a complete one pot meal of course  healthy & creamy with touch of roasted sesame oil that gives umami taste.

Veggie Burrito with Roasted Eggplant and chickpea puree

Try your own version of  healthy burrito using Misso Multi slicing Attachment. Enjoy!