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Cashews and Pili Nut Milk

This wickedly delicious alternative to your favorite holiday drink is made with fresh pili nuts and cashews that will blow your taste buds into a delight. Try this dairy-free nut milk and indulge into the goodness of every sip.

Blended Coco Thai Coffee

If you love coffee, then you'll enjoy this Blended  Coco Thai Coffee with Super Creamy Coconut milk. This is the perfect refreshing drink that can boost your energy.

Honey Calamansi Margarita

Mocktail with a zing! A combination of Calamansi and honey added to a Soda Water for a fizzy bubbly party in your mouth.

Pili Nuts Milk

Love Nuts? Try our own Pili Nuts Milk!
The amino acid in the Pili nut help with healthy blood sugar levels, muscles- tissue development, production of hormones, regulation of energy, health bone skin, nerve-cell health, detoxification of the liver, and balance in the brain.

Bullet Proof Matcha

Do you know that coffee is good after a heavy meal? Simply because after the heavy meal the body is in the process of active digestion. Which means it requires a lot of blood supply. Coffee being a stimulant instantly energize you after meal plus the Flax oil that can help your metabolism.

Fish Cake Soup (Odeng)

Make your own version of Korean Fishcake at home very simple and easy to prepare, This delicious recipe is one of the best popular Street food in Korea try to experience this Fishcake using Misso Multi Fishcake Attachment. Enjoy and Have Fun.

Super Immuno C

Vitamin C is an essential part of a strong immune system. It stimulates white blood cells, which are the body’s first main line of defense against illness, battling bacterial, viral, fungal, or pathogenic diseases. The antioxidant potential of vitamin C helps in the fight against cancer by neutralizing the effects of free radicals that have been connected with heart disease and cancer.

Soba Noodle Made From Scratch

Soba noodles are good to those food conscious this noodles consist of ingredients that are Cholesterol free and also a Good Source of nutrients. This is higher protein than Ramen, If you're looking for an healthier pasta this is Perfect for you!


Samalamig is a popular summer drink made of sago, ice & water. This recipe is our own healthier version Samalamig using chia seeds as sago. This recipe can be enjoyed by people of all ages!

Coconut Avocado Sorbet

This Coconut Avocado Sorbet is the perfect cool, refreshing treat for this summer! Try making your sorbet with your kids this will be the coolest bonding ever!